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GL mail chimp logoUsers of MailChimp will rejoice because of the new automation features called workflows!

While autoresponders have always been one of the many features MailChimp offers, they’ve taken the feature a few steps further by allowing companies to offer workflows.  These workflows can be powerful marketing tools, and they can greatly increase sales.

Specific Product Purchase

A workflow is like an autoresponder which means it will automatically send a message when certain conditions are met.

For example, the workflow may automatically send an email when a customer buys a specific item.  You could use it to suggest complementary items, or you can send the email several weeks or months after the purchase when the customer might need refills or other consumable supplies.  Since you are targeting only customers who purchased that item, you’re more like to see sales from your email campaign.

Maybe you want to target customers who have bought from a category of items.  You can do that, too.  You can suggest related items or mention special deals on supplies that they may need.

Birthday Emails

Everyone likes to be wished a happy birthday.  MailChimp makes it easy to send an email on a specific day based on the subscriber’s information.  Reward subscribers with a special coupon code for their birthday, wedding anniversary, or even their anniversary of being a valued customer.

Website Activity

Maybe a customer hasn’t committed to purchasing an item, but he visited the web page for more information. Use this workflow to send an email to the customer with more information about the product, which will encourage more purchases.


You can create segments from your email list.  Sort customers by the site they purchased from, how much they spend, and even what rank they give items they have purchased.

You can use this to showcase new items or even send a coupon code to reward customers who have high order totals.

Send Times

When you send a newsletter to your subscribers is as important as what you send.

Since each company, and even different segment of your newsletter list, will have different times that customers are more responsive to emails, you can select the best day and time for each workflow.  You can even send an email immediately after a subscriber performs an action, such as subscribing or making a purchase. Not sure when the best time is to send an email? Ask the MailChimp Experts at Greenlight.


If you sell technical items or other items that customers might need some help with after their purchase, you can send out a series of emails after a purchase. This could be a getting started guide or even an online course through email.


Sometimes, these workflow options aren’t enough.  Maybe you want to pick the best features from each one.  MailChimp lets you do that with the Custom workflow.  This allows you to combine triggers and emails for a truly custom workflow.

These are just a few of the ways that you can use the new workflow feature at MailChimp.  Since you can combine workflows to create a custom workflow, the possibilities are almost limitless.  These are valuable features for a business to have, and when used correctly, they can help generate sales from new and repeat customers.

Need help setting up your workflows?  Contact the MailChimp Experts at Greenlight for assistance.


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