Email Marketing in the Social Media Age: It’s worth it.

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 12.50.19 PMSocial media marketing campaigns have indeed taken off in the past decade, as more and more people become linked into the Twittersphere and the world of Facebook.

This does not mean, however, that email campaigns should be abandoned.

Despite what may seem like an overwhelming presence of social media, email marketing is still the most effective online marketing in existence.

Facebook, the most popular social media site, has approximately 1.3 billion monthly active users. Twitter, by comparison, has approximately 645 million users. Combined, there are just fewer than 2 billion Twitter and Facebook accounts. This is a lot of people, and a huge audience ready for companies to tap into.

Making social media even more impressive, these numbers don’t take into account Instagram accounts, Reddit accounts, Tumbler accounts, or any of the other social media sites. And all of these accounts are accessible by mobile phone as well as desktop computers, making social media use a possibility for most people no matter where they are. Of course, many of these accounts may be held by the same user, but the number of people invested in social media cannot be ignored.

Interestingly this is put into a somewhat different perspective when one considers the 3.3 billion estimated email accounts in use worldwide in 2012. And while, like Facebook and Twitter, there may be multiple accounts commanded by one user, the number of users, estimated at roughly 2 billion, is equal to the number of accounts on Facebook and Twitter combined.

If those numbers aren’t convincing enough, consider this: the number of emails sent every day in 2010 was approximately 294 billion.

This means that for every second of the day, over 2.8 million emails were sent. Now, many of these are considered to be spam emails, but even if 90 percent of those emails are spam, that still leaves 29.4 billion legitimate emails sent every single day.

So, for all of those who believe that social media is the way to go, and email marketing is a thing of the past, it would be prudent to reconsider that position.

Email, in addition to being the most populated form of “social media”, is also the most personal and most used in business. When seeking to send a personal correspondence to a friend or business partner in a short period of time, does the average user choose to send a Facebook message or an email? In almost every case, emails are the preferred method of fast communication.

Despite the impressive rise of social media, the complete dominance of email communication has to be acknowledged.

While using social media as a marketing tool is certainly effective, eschewing email marketing in order to pursue other media marketing plans would be absolutely foolish. Even the most effective social media campaigns have not been able to match the amount of revenue generated from email marketing.

The fact is: email marketing remains 40% more effective than Facebook and Twitter, and companies are wise to use email as a primary marketing tool.


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