Email Marketing Reporting Analysis Knoxville

Companies recognize the importance of email marketing in connecting with clients but have a hard time determining value for the company. Email marketing reporting and analysis uncovers the behaviors, trends and content that drives subscribers to take certain actions. We offer email marketing reporting analysis Knoxville services.

How we work

We provide comprehensive support on every aspect of your email marketing strategy. We handle the design, content, delivery and reporting services for all of our clients. We create a customized, personalized template. We handle all of the production for all of your newsletters. We distribute the content throughout all of the major channels. Within 48 hours, we will send you an update informing you of the success of the newsletter.

Why is email marketing reporting analysis necessary?

According to research, a potential $50 can be generated for every dollar invested in marketing initiatives. This number is important because your performance is your marketing initiatives are much better when you are aware of the return on investment for every effort. These analytics help us learn which tactics are more effective in producing the desired results.

We measure the basics …

• Bounce rates: Help us keep the list of contacts clean to ensure prompt delivery
• Delivery rates: How many emails are being successfully delivered to the inbox
• Click rates: Indicates the percentage of people who click on links
• Conversion rates: This illustrates just how much of an impact the email has had in prompting one to take action

Behind our success

We explore your business model to identify how we can improve the return of investment for your business. We do this in order to prioritize which steps make the most sense for the business when evaluating the email marketing program. We rely on key data about your audience to learn as much as we can about your subscribers and how best to market to them. From web behavior to demographics, we take great care to understand the data to create the best email marketing plan for your business. In order to fully understand the subscriber behavior, we perform a significant amount of online testing. We do segmentation, subject-line testing and other things to determine what resonates with your audience. We want to ensure that your program continues to gain momentum and meet performance expectations. Our reporting goes much further in investigating the campaign’s performance. We identify subscribers who are disengaging from the brand and those who don’t participate on any level. We strategize to develop timely campaigns aimed at different segments of your target audiences.

Email Marketing Reporting Analysis Knoxville goes further than just focusing on the basic metrics like open and click rates. We take analysis a step further in order to fully understand the behavior and trends behind subscriber actions. We work hard to proactively identify different ways to add more value to campaigns to produce greater returns for clients.

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