Email Marketing: How to Reach the Customer Without Being Excessive

GL old mailbox & outlined textEmail marketing has proven to be an effective means of convincing customers to buy products, but too many emails can have the opposite effect.

Some companies send one or two emails every single day to increase viewership and business. More than likely, however, the recipients consider these types of communication spam.

Try these proven email tips to help your emails become a welcome addition to your customers’ inbox, and something they look forward to reading.

High content does not always mean high quality:

It is far better to send a few well written emails than to send many poorly written ones. Sending an email every day might be absolutely fine if the emails are original and interesting. Unfortunately, coming up with original and interesting information every day is no easy task.

Concentrate your efforts on sending less emails, but making each email count.

Try to not send more than one email a week:

Daily communication of any form is usually restricted to immediate family, close friends and significant others.

Would you want to communicate daily with the bag boy at your local grocery store? Similarly, your customers aren’t waiting expectantly for an email from you every single day.

Keeping your emails to once a week, in the form of a weekly update, is a common email marketing strategy.

Send announcements:

A break from the weekly update, or even a part of a weekly update, should always include announcements. Let your customers know when you have new products, and when you are offering sales or discounts.

Customers won’t mind hearing from a company twice in one week if one of those emails is offering new products for a reduced price.

Keep email communications with your customer active and let your customer know that you care about keeping them in the loop.

Use humor in your emails:

This does not mean search the web for corny jokes to put at the top of every email. If you have funny staff members, however, have them send out emails that are organic and humorous, just as a conversation with the staff member might be.

People respond well to humor, but can easily sense if it is forced or fake. Be genuine in all dealings with customers and clients.

Use images:

Relevant images help to break up the text and draw the reader’s eye. If your email is in regard to a new product added to the stock, include a picture of the product. If your email refers to a holiday sale, include a picture representative of the holiday.

As a general rule, pictures serve to make emails more fun. Too many pictures will give the appearance of spam, however, so it is important to find the balance when including pictures in your emails.

No more than one or two pictures should suffice in most cases.

Add color:

Simple black and white emails do not draw a reader’s eye, and can appear boring. Add color to your email to draw the customers’ eye and make your email stand out amid the rest.


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