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As many Knoxville internet marketing experts know, e-mail marketing is an incredibly effective way for businesses to increase their conversion rates. When faithful customers or prospective clients are continually receiving information regarding the great products and services you offer, they are much more likely to make a purchase. Despite knowing this, many employees do not possess the skills necessary to develop the type of high quality e-mail marketing copy writing Knoxville business owners are looking for. If this is your challenge, Greenlight is here to help.

What We Offer

As a digital marketing company with years of experience in the online advertising sector, the professional techies of Greenlight know the type of email marketing copy writing Knoxville business owners want and need. Your marketing copy needs to be clear, easy to read, and scannable. In recognizing this principle, our experts have become exceptionally efficient in drafting and finalizing email marketing copy that conforms to the aforementioned standards. We work according to a simple 3-part process that involves the following steps:

1. Content Development

Because of our customer-centered philosophy, our content development process involves conferring with you to learn exactly how you want your products and services represented. By familiarizing ourselves with your brand, we’ll incorporate the tone and style that is most fitting to your company.

2. Delivery

After we write award-worthy content for your company, we’ll format it according to common rules and regulations. Next, we’ll send it to your prospective clients and/or faithful customers.

3. Reporting

48 hours after the email is sent, we’ll update you regarding who clicked what and why so we can understand the underlying principles of engagement that are fueling your customers’ purchasing decisions.

A Holistic Approach

Although the concept of email marketing copy creation may seem simple, it is not. Being able to catch and keep the attention of your audience is a gift, and winning their intrigue with excellent wording and relevant images can help you build the type of loyal customer base that takes your conversion levels to new heights. The techies of Greenlight know this, and that’s why we’re pleased to adopt a holistic approach to the world of email marketing. To ensure that every aspect of your email is curated to perfection, we utilize each of the following strategies:

Let’s Get Started Now

If you are a Knoxville business owner who is serious about experiencing continual growth and expansion, you should know that increased conversion rates can help you accomplish this objective. The key to increased conversion rates is maximizing returns from each marketing sector, including the internet. Our experts recognize this principle, and that’s why we’re proud to offer detail-oriented, results-driven email marketing copy that gets the word out about your great goods and services quickly. You can start taking your company to the next level of excellence now, so don’t wait any longer. Call us today and let one of our friendly customer service representatives schedule your consultation.

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