Email Marketing 101 – People Won’t Read Useless Content

People Won't Read Useless ContentThe Internet has had such a huge impact on local and international business. Marketing has changed, and email has become more than just a way to send and receive  messages. Email marketing has become so popular over the past few years for a simple reason, it’s effective. 

Of course, over half of email marketers asked said relevant, interesting content was a vital part of their campaigns. This shouldn’t really come as a surprise, because people aren’t going to read useless content. If the email recipient feels as though the content within the email isn’t helpful, they’ll quickly mark it as spam, and there will be no conversions for the marketer.

Here are some questions to ask yourself about your content:

– what is important about this email or blog post?

– why does my reader find this valuable?

In our experience, many companies want to send emails that are 99% about them.  Which works ok until your open rate drops into the single digits.  Make sure you’ve got at least 2/3 of your content that is helpful, informational, educational or funny to  your reader.

The second most popular tactic used by email marketers is personalized messages. Wise email marketers realize the importance of including each email they send with the first name of he person being contacted. When the email recipients see their respective names in the subject bar of the email, it stands out. By combining this technique with relevant content, the recipient becomes a regular reader.

Don’t just use personalization at the beginning like “Hi FNAME” or “Dear LAST_NAME” – in fact – don’t use that – it’s common to spam.  Instead, use their name where you want to draw their attention in your email.  When we “read” an email, we actually just scan it for words and images we think we might want to know more about.  What’s the number one thing most people are interested in? THEIR NAME!  Use their name in one or two sections, and you’ll immediately see further engagement.

Messages personalized to each recipient are being used by about 15% of email marketers.

An excellent way to further personalize emails is by dividing your list into segments IF your list is large enough and your segments don’t have any crossover. People on an email list will respond to different content so the one size fits all approach may not be the best.

For example if you run a catering company and your two biggest customer segments are weddings and corporate parties – those are segments that have very little overlap.  Instead of sending the same content to both, include a small feature in the wedding email that you do corporate parties, since many people getting married could be working where they need a party caterer.  Same goes for the corporate caterer – include a call out “Know someone getting married? We do weddings too!”  This will get you the cross-promotion you desire without annoying an audience with irrelevant content.

In another example, if an HVAC company provides commercial and residential service, their emails to businesses should be a lot different from content emailed to single family homes. Their needs are different, so their content should be too.

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