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Sorting through the various social media platforms to find which can be the most effective for marketing your business can be a frustrating trial and error exercise. After beginning to understand the basics of using applications like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram, you play at launching different campaigns, sit back and hope they are successful. Often it’s difficult to gauge the results and any of them can prove to be a vast time sinkhole for business owners and managers.

According to a recent exhaustive study by the world renowned strategic advisory firm, McKinsey & Company, not only is reaching out to customers via email more effective than Facebook or Twitter, but it can be as much as forty times more effective.

Contacting your customers on a regular basis, with a company newsletter, catalog or sales piece can produce one of the highest ROI’s (return on investment) for your marketing dollars.

An mail list of customers who have opted-in to receive your emails provides the contact info of your most loyal customers; not only can you be assured that they will do repeat business with you, they act as your brand ambassadors, and can often forward or repost your email to their own network, amplifying your marketing effort.

Doing a regular email newsletter or catalog piece can be a grueling task for a business owner; it takes time, an aesthetic eye, and constant management of a valid email list. Emailing advertising comes under fairly strict legal regulations today, and a business can be fined for ignoring the statutes.

The best approach is to have an email marketing partner, one that is hands on so you can stay hands off. A firm with a staff of professionals skilled in putting together timely, informative, and engaging emails designed to get a response from your contacts. Utilizing the best mail list management tools like Constant Contact.

To engage with the best Constant Contact consulting in Knoxville, Greenlight Email Marketing can be your off-site, full time email marketing partner.

Studies have shown that email marketing can produce up to $50 in revenue for each campaign dollar expended. With Greenlight, you will have a team dedicated to designing, disbursing, and post campaign analyzing email programs that generate revenue. We are also able to assist you with your list building and purging, assuring any email contact in your system is current and valid.

Email marketing can not only be used to directly sell, but also to passively market your business to the community and, on another level, communicate with your employees. Reaching out to these four groups, customers, community, employees, and vendors can substantially boost your profile against competitors.

Take your marketing to an entirely new level, and quite wasting your own time and money trying to do it in house. As the old axiom goes, “do what you do best and hire the rest.” Constant Contact consulting in Knoxville is easily obtained and managed by the local experts at Greenlight Email Marketing.

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