Constant Contact Email Campaign Creation

Constant Contact Campaign Creation Knoxville

When trying to establish your business’s foothold with consumers, you may be wondering what type of email campaign is best for your business. The answer is almost always “constant contact”! But what is a constant contact campaign, and why does Greenlight Email Marketing think it is the best solution for you?

A constant contact campaign is, like the name states, a marketing campaign that revolves around the practice of constantly contacting the consumers on a mailing list. The usual course of action involves regularly exposing them to the brand name, enticing them with sales and deals, and advertising new products. The ideal end result is a base of loyal customers who have established a solid relationship with the brand.

Here at Greenlight, we specialize in crafting Constant Contact Campaign Creation Knoxville, and we take pride in doing it! Our campaigns allow you to access the consumer base you’ve always wanted to, with the simple push of a button once or twice a day.

With each constant contact campaign, we start by establishing the mission or goal for each business that comes to us. There are a multitude of questions we ask during the planning of each campaign. Who are we wanting to reach? What demographics are within the groups we want to reach? When are they most likely to read our emails? Know your demographic, and know it well– for example, if you’re offering a service to stay at home moms, of course you’re not going to send out a major sales newsletter between 2pm and 9pm their time. It will get ignored, because the kids are home from school!

Some other questions we ask ourselves are: What products and services are they most likely to take advantage of? (For example, you wouldn’t email your younger customers a coupon for a product that is more popular with their parents.) What type of emails are they most responsive to? Is there a certain color scheme or image that will get our message across more effectively? What is the optimal way to word our message, so that it reaches as many people as possible and holds their interest? And most importantly, how do we show the consumer that we are relating to them while strengthening that brand relationship?

All of us at Greenlight make it our priority to put effort and thought into every Constant Contact Campaign Creation Knoxville. If you have any questions about us, about what we do, or about how we can get started working with you, please call us today! If you’re not establishing a relationship with your consumers, you’re leaving cash on the table, plain and simple. Don’t be just another business without direction and without connection to the customers that make it thrive. Give Greenlight a call or shoot us an email today!

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