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We love MailChimp – in fact it’s the email provider we use most with our customers and although we’ve used Hubspot, Infustionsoft and Constant Contact and are confident with any email system – more often than not, MailChimp is the one we often end up recommending when asked. They have the best ease of use, technology integrations and pricing that we like for most people.

We took the next step and became MailChimp Experts (you can view our profile here).  MailChimp reviewed our application, our campaigns, asked us a few questions and confirmed our Expert Status.

Great, wait why should you care?

For us, it means we’re listed in the MailChimp Expert directory and allows us to help more people with their email marketing.

For you, it means that you’re eligible for the MailChimp Expert Exchange – which is a program set up to be a win, win, win for everyone involved.

  • Win for MailChimp = You use it more and love it further
  • Win for you = You save 50% for six months on your MailChimp costs
  • Win for us = We met you, we get to do great work, and MailChimp helps cover our costs by lowering how much you pay them.

If you’re curious about the MailChimp Expert Exchange program, learn more here, or just shoot me an email.

We also took this opportunity to create a page featuring all the ways we can help you with MailChimp (and other email marketing platforms). While our bread and butter continues to be full-service email newsletters, we recognize that there are plent of people who need short-term help in specific areas with MailChimp.  It could be a new email design, or integrating your sales contacts from a CRM to a MailChimp list or just some training or troubleshooting.  If this sounds like you – we’d love to help, view the page with the full list of services or click below for the service you’re interested in.

MailChimp Expert Services

MailChimp Campaign Creation

MailChimp Custom Templates

 MailChimp Help & Troubleshooting

MailChimp Integration

 MailChimp Jumpstart Training

MailChimp Consulting



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