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Constant Contact consulting in Knoxville TN

Sorting through the various social media platforms to find which can be the most effective for marketing your business can be a frustrating exercise in trial and error. After beginning to understand the basics of using applications like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram, you play at launching different campaigns, and then sit back and hope […]

Constant Contact Email Campaign Creation in Knoxville

When trying to establish your business’ foothold with consumers, you may be wondering what type of email campaign is best for your business. The answer is almost always “Constant Contact”! But what is a Constant Contact email campaign, and why does Greenlight Email Marketing think it is the best solution for you? A Constant Contact […]

How Gmail Actions Affect You (and your Favorite Marketers)

Over the past year Gmail has been making changes that are affecting users and those who market to them. It has caused some consternation among email marketers, who are constantly worried about open rates and changes that may negatively affect them. Here’s a look at the changes Gmail has been making and how they may […]

Why are the numbers different? Email Marketing Open Rates

Why are the numbers different? This is what a customer asked me last week after getting their monthly reporting email for their monthly newsletter. They were comparing their June reporting email to May and April reporting emails and noticed that the numbers reported for the two previous months were different. OneMinute Report – Email Performance […]

Email Marketing in the Social Media Age: It’s worth it.

Social media marketing campaigns have indeed taken off in the past decade, as more and more people become linked into the Twittersphere and the world of Facebook. This does not mean, however, that email campaigns should be abandoned. Despite what may seem like an overwhelming presence of social media, email marketing is still the most […]

The Importance of Building Relationships: Why Dialogue with Customers Is Important

Most companies are looking only to advertise new and better products when they send out information or emails to their customers. But, the beauty of email and social media is that it allows for almost instantaneous communication between people all over the world. For a large company, dialoguing with customers has never been easier, and […]

Email Marketing: How to Reach the Customer Without Being Excessive

Email marketing has proven to be an effective means of convincing customers to buy products, but too many emails can have the opposite effect. Some companies send one or two emails every single day to increase viewership and business. More than likely, however, the recipients consider these types of communication spam. Try these proven email […]

Honesty and Transparency: Making Your Email Marketing Campaign Trustworthy

All too frequently, stories of bothersome email campaigns or chain email viruses crop up and cause ordinary people to be wary of what shows up in their inbox. There are many sound strategies for running a successful email marketing campaign, but perhaps the most important is a show of good faith. It is important for your email […]