5 Promising Email Marketing Trends in 2014

Email marketing photoEmail is still one of the most efficient and effective forms of communication, but with over 100 billion emails sent each day in the United States alone, consumer inboxes are oversaturated.

Because nearly 80 percent of email messages are defined as spam, your audience is getting more skeptical about branded emails each day.

By incorporating this year’s emerging email-marketing trends into your campaign, you’ll ensure greater usefulness and value for your business.

In 2014, the most effective email marketing trends include:

Mobile optimization.

Currently, only 2 percent of companies have mobile email marketing strategies despite the fact that American consumers spend 162 minutes on their mobile devices each day. Since the user experience is different on mobile and desktop devices, it’s critical for brands to be mobile friendly – especially as the growing smartphone market shows no sign of slowing down.

Optimizing for mobile email today immediately distinguishes your brand from the remaining 98 percent of businesses ignoring mobile email users.

Going visual.

While content marketing is mostly about text, successful marketers find ways to make their content look interesting. Think about it this way: would you rather read a blocked page of single-spaced content or a three-page magazine spread? Marketers must consider typography to create attractive and compelling emails.

Want to take things to the next level? Add some sort of multi-media to your email marketing campaigns. Currently, 26 percent of brands regularly include video in email, while 74 percent utilize animated GIFs. Because visual media is 82 percent more likely to be viewed than plain text, it’s critical to implement it wherever possible.

Triggered emails.

Triggered emails are based on behaviors. For instance, if a consumer loads items into a cart and then abandons it, a trigger-based campaign would send a follow-up email reminding him or her to complete the transaction.

Trigger based emails are effective at encouraging customers to:

  • Open an account
  • Put items in a cart
  • View a related product
  • Complete a transaction

Going social.

“Integration” is a word that has proliferated the digital marketing world in the last few years. Creating a unified web presence only makes your strategic campaign more effective. This is why brands that push their social platforms through email marketing receive 158 percent higher click-through rates than those that don’t. Because social pages also receive boosts, this becomes a win-win tactic for brands.


Because 80 percent of emails are considered spam emails, it’s critical to catch the attention of consumers as quickly as possible. The easiest way to do this is to get personal by providing custom content. In 2014, recipients expect more tailored and relevant content than ever before. Brands can accomplish this through:


Brands can nurture potential leads with high-quality, relevant content.

Big data.

The more detailed data companies have, the easier it is to craft relevant messages.

Personal messaging.

Simple things such as referencing past behaviors or using customers’ names create connections that are likely to nourish brand loyalty.

Has your brand used any of these email marketing techniques? What were the results?


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