5 Methods to Engage Customers through Email Marketing

shareasimageAlthough other forms of marketing may be getting more attention in today’s world, email marketing can still be an effective tool for your brand. To get the most possible benefit out of email marketing, follow the tips below.

1. Offer something of value.

In the past, most brands used email marketing to send out promotions, information about new products and other blatant advertisements. Today, however, these methods are outdated and ineffective. Although an occasional promotion may help to move your products, most of your content should provide readers with engaging, valuable content that will keep them coming back for more.

2. Make emails scannable.

According to Forbes, one of the best tactics you can use to increase consumption of your content is to make the content scannable. Readers are in a hurry, and your email is probably just one of several they will receive in a given day. To grab their attention, make sure that your subject line is engaging, and break large blocks of text into several small sections with bold subheadings.

3. Make opting in and out easy.

Subscribers do not want their inboxes flooded with content they will never read, nor do they want to feel trapped. To prevent these problems, be sure to offer a clear, transparent method for opting in and out of emails from your brand. In addition, it’s also wise to allow subscribers to choose the types of content they would like to receive from your brand.

4. Be consistent.

Whether a user is reading an email, browsing product descriptions or interacting on social media, he or she should be able to recognize the mark of your brand immediately. Make sure that the graphics, fonts, logos and images you use in your emails are consistent with those used throughout your other marketing campaigns. You should also make an effort to send consumers regular messages at predictable times.

5. Establish a purpose.

Every email you send to your subscribers should have a defined purpose. For example, you may want to encourage readers to look at a new product, visit your blog or sign up to attend a marketing event. Each time you send an email, think about what you want the email to accomplish. To evaluate the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign, measure consumer responses to emails and compare the results to your intended purpose.

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