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Professional Email Newsletters in Knoxville TN | Greenlight Email Marketing | test



  • McCamy-HunterWe have been very pleased with Greenlight. They do a great job of making our email newsletter stress free and easy for us, the customer. They do the hard work and I get to come in and fine tune it to make sure it is exactly we need to reach our customers. I would highly recommend Gavin and Greenlight!
    Hunter Purnell, VP at McCamy Construction
  • author-photoGreenlight was amazingly helpful in quickly getting us up and running with multiple newsletters. Most impressive was the onboarding course he helped design that educated new subscribers over a period of weeks on our partnership program and how to get involved. The rate of engagement with our partners was significantly higher once the onboarding course was put in place.
    Evan Crass Director of Partner Engagement at Knox Area Rescue Ministries
  • author-photoSince partnering with Greenlight, we are now consistent and effective in getting an email newsletter out every month. Traffic to our website and Facebook is up and our referral business has never been this strong. I am convinced that an email newsletter is a vital part of every business and partnering with Greenlight is the place to start to get this implemented for your business. Their hands off approach has given me time back to focus on what we do best.
    Adam Slack, CEO at Two Roads
  • author-photoWe depend on Greenlight to provide reliable, useful email marketing and exceptional customer service for our direct email marketing campaigns. They do a great job to meet and exceed our high standards. Greenlight handles all aspects of the process for us from design to implementation. Greenlight has saved us money and helped increased our productivity. If you are looking for a great email marketing service, Greenlight is at the top. This service has everything that you’ll need to target your audience, create a compelling email, monitor results and boost your sales.
    Chad Martin, Bond Producer at TIS Insurance